Intelligent System Wired Road Stud



Controller Function

The control box includes a power supply, a microprocessor, an input interface, and an output interface. The power supply adopts traditional wound transformer and regulated power supply, which is more stable and durable than switching power supply. After the infrared human body sensor detects the passing pedestrian signal, it is processed and recognized by the controller processor, and controls the high-power interface module, and Finally drives the road stud to flash synchronously.

Controller Parameters:
1. Electric control box size: 260 x 200 x 100 mm Electric control box weight: 3.5 kg
2. Product model: RSPS-2-WJ-W
3. Working mode: passive detection, active warning
4. Input voltage: AC 220V
5. Control interface: TTL 5V
5. Output voltage: DC 24V
6. Output power: 50W
7. Shell material: cast aluminum GB-ADC12

Control box safety warning: turn o the power and then open the cover!
Pay attention to the stability of the power supply voltage before and during use, and pay special attention to whether the control box is leaking. The whole set of equipment must be inspected regularly by specialized personnel, and operate in strict accordance with this product. Prevent man-made device and component defects to ensure long-term continuous

Technical Data Sheet



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